Sample Distribution Services

Sending samples from your main location can not only be costly but also have very long shipping times, which may cause you to lose a potential client. ANNEXIS sample hold and distribution service allows its' clients to hold inventory in our warehouse which can then be directly mailed to anyone on your behalf; Reducing your shipping cost and delivery time. Users can manage inventory level on the ANNEXIS user dashboard.

Order Fulfillment Services

With ANNEXIS you can sell your product on any e-commerce platform. We are here to support your order fulfillment needs. For e-commerce businesses, take advantage of our Fulfillment Center Option, where you can also save time and shipping costs.


ANNEXIS can also assist you to build a sales team in the US

Your dedicated sales representative will:

  • Travel and meet your potential clients anywhere in the US
  • Generate credibility for your business by meeting with your prospective clients on your behalf
  • Facilitate video conference meetings
  • Communicate with prospects and convert leads to clients
  • Take order request or services and arrange contract and payment details
  • Training of product understanding and usage.
  • Respond to customer complaints and perform gap analysis on remediation plan and resolutions
  • Develop and propose sales forecast and budgets