U.S. Business Database

Increase your earning potential with well-executed marketing programs that will yield both revenue and profits. The ANNEXIS Business Databases provides valuable information about every company in our database. Information from the database is used to conduct direct mail, e-mail and telephone campaigns. We firmly believe that companies who use a refined direct marketing approach consistently generate far greater returns on investments. Using our database ensures that you will reach the right business contacts every time which gives you the edge over your competitors, increasing profits.
ANNEXIS employs a wide range of marketing solutions to achieve growth with every type of company, product or services through in-depth understanding of their unique needs and budget.

  • Company name
  • Business Address
  • Business telephone number
  • Decision makers in the company and their Job Title in the corporation
  • Email address
  • Fax number(s)
  • Industry codes
  • Company Size - Number of employees
  • Company Revenue, Credit Rating and more