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U.S. Warehouse –

Store your inventory in our Order Fulfillment Center Free! Our Business is Your Business. Everyone deserves a head-start. At ANNEXIS we make conducting business easy! Enjoy the benefits of our exclusive ANNEXIS “pay as you go” program. ANNEXIS Storage Solutions gives members the freedom of storing their product for free. This affords our members the valuable time needed to establish their business here in the U.S. without the hardships of monthly storage fees. Store it here, ship it from here, saving everyone time and money. You only pay a small handling fee at the time your product(s) are sold and shipped. The good news… You’ve made money and with ANNEXIS Storage Solutions you don’t spend money until you made money. The rest of your storage items are still being stored for free (until they are sold). It’s one less bill to come up with in advance or even think about. It’s that simple. Fees may vary with volume.

Take advantage of ANNEXIS Storage Solutions today. Ask for details now. Free storage for your products with our exclusive member “pay as you go” program. ANNEXIS Storage Solutions.

Sample Distribution Services Sending samples from your main location can not only be costly but also have very long shipping times, which may cause you to lose a potential client.

ANNEXIS sample hold and distribution service allows its’ clients to hold inventory in our warehouse which can then be directly mailed to anyone on your behalf; Reducing your shipping cost and delivery time. Users can manage inventory level on the ANNEXIS user dashboard.

Order Fulfillment Services with ANNEXIS you can sell your product on any e-commerce platform. We are here to support your order fulfillment needs. For e-commerce businesses, take advantage of our Fulfillment Center Option, where you can also save time and shipping costs.